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Recipe Recap: Paleo, Non-Paleo and Gestational Diabetes Edition

As some of you may know from our last post, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the final trimester of my pregnancy this time around. While the diagnosis was scary, emotional and unfamiliar (I didn’t have this with Q), it has been a learning experience over the last 10 weeks. I know that I’m not to blame for this – thank you hormones and placenta – but I have come to grips with the pokes and adjustments to my diet. With this diagnosis, I’ve had to say goodbye to cereal and spaghetti, but it really isn’t that much different than how we eat on a regular basis. Plus, I’m feeling really great because I am eating so healthy!

With that, I’ve compiled some of the recipes that we’ve enjoyed over the last few months. I’ve noted those that have worked really well with my GD diagnosis…just in case some of you find yourselves in this position in the future. With a few adjustments, you can still enjoy fabulous foods while keeping your blood sugars in check. Continue reading

Recipe Recap : Paleo and Non-Paleo

Pot on the gas stove

We’re back with a few new recipes we’ve been sampling over the last few months. Enjoy!! Continue reading

Recipe Recap

So, it’s been forever since I’ve done a recipe recap – sorry internet fans, I know you’ve been holding your breath for this one. And if you’re anything like me, you need a little inspiration to shake up your regular weekly menu.Here’s where I come in. Continue reading

Recipe Recap – Paleo Edition

Pot on the gas stove

I’m back again, but this time we’re eating paleo. We’ve done this paleo thing before, so its not anything new to us, but it still doesn’t mean that we don’t crave us some pizza around here. It’s especially challenging to eat paleo when you’re regularly cooking cheesy filled tortillas for your toddler who refuses to eat anything else. I’ve never wanted a quesadilla so bad in my life.

Let’s be real for a minute. None of this food is going to hit the spot like an oozing, cheese-filled Juicy Lucy or giant plate of spicy, cheesy nachos will (clearly, I’m missing cheese the most). But, this food will leave you feeling guilt-free and possibly lead to a few lost pounds along the way.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Recipe Recap

Pot on the gas stove

Since my last recipe inspiration post was so popular, I thought I’d make it a regular thing. Here’s the new recipes we’ve been trying lately: Continue reading

Make this food.

Pot on the gas stove

For the last few weeks, I’ve been making an effort to finally make some of the recipes that I’ve been hoarding away on my things-that-sound-delicous-and-I-should-make-this-someday Pinterest board for years. And I’ve been hitting the nail on the head with every single one of them.

We’ve found some great recipes, and I thought I would share with you in case you needed some kitchen inspiration for these long, cold winter days. Continue reading

Eat Your Greens

We seem to have had an extremely good year for kale, as evidenced by the 2+ garbage bags full of the green stuff. How are we going to eat all of this?  

Year-Round Garden Goodies


As summer comes to a close and we move into the best season of the year (hello pumpkins, falling leaves and Halloween), I wanted to do a quick recap of our garden output this year, and give you my recipe for the best pickles of all time. Seriously, you need to make them. Continue reading

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So, here we are in April. Apparently, we’re so super-busy doing these amazing and glamorous Minnesota things that we can’t find the time to even post one entry in March.

Ha! Let’s be real for a moment. Continue reading

Where’s the beef?

I like to think that 99% of the time I’m awesome. 1% of the time I’m a complete idiot – we like to call that “spaghetti brain” and apparently it didn’t go away once I was un-pregnant. It is to blame for many a dumb moment for the past year. There was the time that I used cream of wheat instead of almond flour in muffins. That other time that I couldn’t remember how to do simple math. The day that I misplaced my glasses for 20 minutes before I realized that I was indeed wearing them. On my face.

And then there was the day a few weeks ago when I got sent to the store to buy steaks for dinner and came home with what I thought were 2 good-looking steaks but actually were 6 super-thin steaks intended for fajita making to go with our baked potatoes.

That’s what you get for sending a girl who hasn’t eaten beef in 3 years to pick out delicious steaks for dinner.