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MN School: Duck, Duck, What?

go team stein grey gray duck

We recently learned that Minnesotan’s play “duck, duck, grey duck” instead of “duck, duck, goose”. What? According to Wikipedia, Minnesota is the ONLY place this variation is played.

Sounds about right.

Sand vs. Beach

Yes, apparently there is a difference between Nebraska and Minnesota when it comes to volleying a ball back and forth on tiny grains of earth. For example, when mentioning to a few Minnesotans “I played some sand volleyball last night,” they will probably respond to you with the phrase, “What’s sand volleyball? You mean beach volleyball?” Then you may end up having a five minute conversation about how neither state is located on the ocean and will definitely have to explain how in Nebraska you play the aforementioned volleyball at bars that have “a bunch of sand out back.” It’s an interesting conversation, to say the least.

Water Plays A Practical Joke

Sometimes, when you’re going to buy berbere spice for a new Ethiopian recipe you’re going to try, you get caught in a torrential downpour.

Sometimes, 20 minutes later the very same day, you get a bucket of water dumped on your head when you’re 10ft from your car in the Walmart parking lot. At least that’s what we assume happened…because rain doesn’t usually soak you in 2secs…


Tuesday was a bust.

But, on the bright side, we are now the proud new owners of a shop vac.

Frozen Tundra

While I don’t condone the hunting of bears just to display their skin as a rug on the floor, I wouldn’t hate the person who could send me a polar bear fur in order to keep warm today. The temperature here is a balmy wind chill of -50 to -60 degrees and I’ve never been this cold in my life.

I’ve always said I was a cold weather person, but this is seriously testing my love for all things winter.

Cure to a long week? Food.

After a particularly long week, which included both vomit and #2 from the dog on the inside of the house, T and I decided that we needed to recover with copious amounts of fried food and sweets. Where do we find such a wonderful place with those treats? Enter the wonderful event that is the Minnesota State Fair. Continue reading

Minnesota School

Seeing as how I’m learning new Minnesota things each week, I’m going to start a regular ‘series’ of posts that I am calling Minnesota School. This state never fails to teach me something each day.  -K

1. Things have different names here. Ranch-style homes are Ramblers. Casseroles are Hot Dishes. Native MInnesotans will look at you like you’re an idiot if you use the wrong term.

2. Replacing a broken garbage disposal in the Stein household requires more tools than I’ve ever seen used in our home, 4 days of the sink being unusable, the entire Team Stein roster, 1 phone call to my dad, the patience of a monk and the IQ of Stephen Hawking. It also takes a minimum of 3 separate trips to Home Depot.

Go Team Stein Garbage Disposal Repair

3. The road trips from MN to NE are way better with travel buddies. They are also much more crowded, require twice the packing time and will leave no sooner than 2 hours after the desired departure time.

Things I’ve Learned in MN This Week

1. Leaving 15 minutes earlier results in 20 minutes being knocked off my drive time. Rush hour in the cities is a very different beast than Omaha.

2. I’ve forgotten how to live in the same house as my husband. Having someone to talk to that is of the human species is much different than regular conversations with a German Shepherd that doesn’t have an opinion about anything.

3. I hate unpacking boxes more than packing them.

4. Having a garage full of stuff means you have to park outside again after parking inside for 5 years. This is especially annoying when it’s raining every morning and you haven’t found your umbrella yet.

5. There is no Hobby Lobby here. What’s a crafty girl to do?

6. Creating a garden from a patch of grass is much tougher when you don’t have in-laws doing the manual labor.

7. Moving into a house that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned since the year I was born is gross. Like chocolate-chips-stuck-in-the-back-of-kitchen-cupboards gross.

8. Lining shelves with contact paper sucks the life out of me. And that damn paper will always get stuck to itself no matter what you do.