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The Dude Abides.


This is tough to write.  The dog who has been a huge part of our adult lives, and endeared himself to everyone he met, has gone into the great beyond.  The Dude.  For a dog named after the main character in The Big Lebowski, his overall demeanor and outlook on life was very apropos.  He was just The Dude, man.  There are nearly 12 1/2 years of memories to share…far too many for a simple blog post. Continue reading

How A Dog Tortured Us Into A Zombie Apocolypse Situation

You might look at this picture and think to yourself, “Oh wow…Hotel Stein is being used for a scene in this season of ‘The Walking Dead!'”  You would be wrong.  No, this barricade you see right here does not exist to keep zombies from invading the living room and stealing the PS3.  It’s not even the worst homemade fort mankind has ever seen.  It’s actually the only way we can keep the Dude in his kitchen area. Continue reading

Sticks and Stones May Break the Dog

~”T, are you on your way home? We have a problem here.” Just the type of phone call that any husband wants to receive at the end of a long day at work, especially with a pregnant wife at home.~

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The Dude Abides…Being Washed

What started out as a typical day for The Dude took a very interesting turn (much like The Big Lebowski) around the 6pm hour.  At first he was quite excited, for being loaded up into the car usually meant a great adventure for him.  But, after only a 10 minute drive downtown, he knew something wasn’t right.20140331-085503.jpg

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Gingerbread House Hunter

It’s fairly common knowledge that The Dude (our dog) has a sweet tooth for the fine dining of holiday delicacies, notably candy corn and gingerbread houses.  When we say “fine dining,” we really mean “aged candy.”  Five years ago, when we moved into our first house, K, being the astute Christmas decorator that she is, put out T’s childhood gingerbread house for display on a table that was at German shepherd eye-level.  Needless to say, the 22-year-old candy was never seen or heard from again and only the foundation of a once-great architectural structure remains.


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The Cabin in the Woods


Well, it was time to celebrate our five-year anniversary…the “Wood” anniversary, as traditionalists call it.  We’re something of traditionalists ourselves because each year, on our anniversary, we like to get each other a little present from the traditionalist list.  This year, on top of the gifts of a wooden record player and a wooden T-Rapasaurus Rex, we took it too another level and spent two nights in a log cabin in the middle of the Minnesota woods.  When you make it to five years, you gotta take things up a notch. Continue reading

A Full Weekend

The previous weekend was filled with many eventful…events. There’s got to be a better way to say that. The previous weekend was filled with many eventful…things. Lets start at the beginning. Continue reading