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Murphy’s Law: Scientific Data Collected By A Dad

It’s been awhile since the trials and tribulations of being a dad have elevated to blog post level, but recently my lovely wife went on a work “vacation” to Denver and my Super Dad powers were put to the test again. As the title states, things didn’t go according to plan. Continue reading

Adventures In Dadding: Q’s First Automobile Breakdown And Other Happenings

We’re back for another exciting episode of “Adventures In Dadding,” only this time there will be real-life problems instead of stories about bowel movements.

Have you ever had a week where things started out pretty normal and then, while chasing a bird through the Appalachian Mountains you discovered a spaceship blaring a Casio keyboard version of Rage Against the Machine’s cover of “The Ghost of Tom Joad?”  Me neither, but I can imagine that would be less troublesome than this week.  I’ll fast-forward to the fun stuff. Continue reading

Winter Vacation

For some, winter vacation equals holidays…relief from school…a chance to see family…or the perfect time to try quail eggs.  For others, like Team Stein, it’s a chance to get away from frigid Minnesota and travel the world.  Being so far north already, we figured, “What the hell?  Let’s go to Canada.”  We’d never been and knew nothing about Winnipeg except that they had a professional hockey team, and figured we’d avoid the hassle of “tourist season.”  Plus, it was within driving distance, which sealed the deal.

Winnipeg City Skyline

Continue reading

Drag Queens and Submarines


I spent last weekend in Denver for work/fun…and no weekend with my girlfriends is without exciting activities. Continue reading

Turkey Recap

We had a great break in Omaha that included family, football, friends, hypnotists, arcades, origami cranes and tattoos.







The Concrete Jungle


I just spent a week in NYC for part-work, part-pleasure. I invited both of my moms along for the trip, and we had a blast exploring all the Big Apple has to offer. We went up the Empire State Building, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, saw a Broadway show and ate our weight in wonderful food. Continue reading

Weekend Recap

We had a quick weekend in Omaha, where the boys had show with the original members of Ten O’Clock Scholars on the evening of the Omaha Zombie Walk. Fortunately, only one of the 4 bitten band members actually went full zombie…

20131022-113136.jpg Continue reading

Tempting Fate


Everyone who knows me, knows I love IKEA. As we are continuing to unpack and settle into the new place, T and I needed to make a quick trip across town to pick up a few bookshelves. We found the items, loaded up the back of the truck and headed on our merry way.

Partially home, the truck started puttering a bit and I noticed the gas light was one. Now, T is not known for impeccable car care and has been stranded more than once in his life due to car trouble, but he wouldn’t seriously have risked me and our IKEA getting home because of gas, right? Continue reading

South Dakota. The land of…

So we headed to South Dakota recently.  Some know it as the land of low business taxes, but that’s not what drew us to the Black Hills this time around.  We weren’t even headed that way to see three famous presidents and the nerd with glasses they stuck in the back.  (I kid because I care, Teddy.)

20130909-081415.jpg Continue reading

The Cabin in the Woods


Well, it was time to celebrate our five-year anniversary…the “Wood” anniversary, as traditionalists call it.  We’re something of traditionalists ourselves because each year, on our anniversary, we like to get each other a little present from the traditionalist list.  This year, on top of the gifts of a wooden record player and a wooden T-Rapasaurus Rex, we took it too another level and spent two nights in a log cabin in the middle of the Minnesota woods.  When you make it to five years, you gotta take things up a notch. Continue reading